Early April, 2012

Dear CCC Prayer Partners,

Thank you for your faithful prayers, for CCC members and others who are working to protect and restore our Lord's precious creation, and for those creatures who are endangered, threatened, and striving to survive.  "Jesus looked at them and said, 'With man this is impossible,

but with God, all things are possible.'"  (Matthew 19:26  NIV)


*  The U. S. Government has issued new, lifesaving standards that will reduce the amount of mercury and other toxic air pollutants released from coal-burning power plants.  (Mercury is a powerful neurotoxin that damages developing brains in children.)  Praise God that these new protections will now be in place! 


*  Unfortunately,  the U. S. Government has also paved the way for Shell Oil to begin exploratory drilling in Alaska's two "Polar Bear Seas,"

the Chukchi Sea and the Beaufort Sea.  (The Chukchi is home to more than half of America's polar bears and the Beaufort is the polar bear's favorite onshore birthing ground in Alaska.)  Please pray lawsuits in court, and the court of public opinion, will stop these drilling plans! 

*  Please pray for our CCC member, Anna, as she deals with ongoing throat and esophagus problems.  Pray for HEALING and restoration for her, in every way, in the POWERFUL NAME of JESUS.

*  Please also pray for Susan and Ray; both are in the hospital and will need post-surgical rehabilitation.  Pray they will be HEALED and given exactly the rehabilitation required for them to be restored to health and strength, in the POWERFUL NAME of JESUS.

*  Please continue to pray for the National  Religious Coalition on Creation Care's upcoming events in DC: the NRCCC leaders and planners; the speakers; the seminar presenters; all those who attend; the service at the National Cathedral; the National Prayer Luncheon; the conference on global climate change; and, the meetings with the White House and Washington politicians (April 22-25).  Pray that the Holy Spirit will lead the way, touching hearts and minds; that Jesus' words will come through all who speak, present, and meet with legislators; and that our Father will use these people and endeavors to, miraculously, bring forth a new awakening, calling, determination, efforts, and laws, which will protect and restore HIS precious creation.  For more information:  www.nrccc.org   Fred@ecostewards.org      

*  A boom in "fracking" is threatening communities across our country, and more and more stories are arising related to this controversial and hazardous form of oil and gas extraction called hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.  According to Christopher Portier, Director of the National Center for Environmental Health, fracking has been a "disaster" for some communities.  (A group of mothers in a Denver suburb are asking for answers after their families are struck with a host of illnesses, and so are families in northeastern Pennsylvania whose water turns brown and causes sores from showering.)  Please pray the Administration will create strong federal rules to protect clean air and water from fracking.

For more information:  www.frackalarm.org  

*  In 1885, New York State set aside part of the Catskill Mountains to be preserved, called Catskill Park.  Today, however, this precious, beautiful area of rolling mountains and clear streams is greatly threatened by the oil and gas industry, which wants to blast and pump toxic chemicals into the ground, through fracking.  Please pray the Governor of New York will reinstate the "Health Impact Assessment Study of Gas Drilling" into the State budget and call for a statewide ban on fracking.  For more information:  info@catskillmountainkeeper.org

* In Canada, rapid tar sands development is threatening caribou herds by destroying their natural habitat, and the government's terrible response to this is to kill thousands of wolves to "make up for" caribou habitat destoryed through tar sands extraction.  Please pray the Canadian government will stop its plans to kill thousands of wolves by shooting them from helicopters and lacing bait with poison. 

*  In spite of great local opposition, foreign mining companies, Anglo American and Rio Tinto, are going forward with plans to build a gigantic, open-pit gold and copper mine above Alaska's Bristol Bay, which will threaten the world's largest sockeye salmon runs and the last 284 beluga whales of Cook Inlet.  Please pray this mine, called the Pebble Mine, will be stopped.  For more information:  www.StopPebble.org 

Also, please add http://www.therainforestsite.com to your Favorites, and click daily to help save rainforests.  Funding is paid by site sponsors.  There is no cost to you.  Thank you.

By the POWER of our RISEN CHRIST, 

Amy and Connie

I Corinthians 15:22  (KJV)

"For as in Adam all die,

even so, in Christ shall all be made alive."


Martin Luther  (1483-1546)

"Our Lord has written the promises of

the resurrection, not in books alone,

but in every leaf in Springtime."