Biblical, Theological, and Church Resources

Thousands upon thousands of writings, reflections, stories, songs, poems, liturgies, and works of theology and Bible study teach and inspire to praise and honor to the Creator of the marvelous universe in which we humans are privileged to dwell and to what we are commissioned a role of responsibility.

As a network, Christians For The Mountains encourags members to submit materials so that we can all profit from the wealth of information that collectively we share.

Salvation Means Creation Healed: Creation, Cross, Kingdom, Dr. Howard Snyder, 2005

Christian Responses to Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining in Appalachia Corinne Almquist, 2009

An Evangelical Declaration on Care of Creation (1994).... Use this link for PDF file

Catholic Rural Life Ethic

At Home in the Web of Life ....(Catholic Bishops of Appalachia 1995) PDF

Covenant of Watermen on Tangier Island, Chesapeake Bay (2002)

God's Earth is Sacred: An Open Letter to Church and Society in the U.S. (NCC)

Fact Sheet on Mercury and the Unborn (NAE; EEN).

An Evangelical Call to Stop Mercury Poisoning of the Unborn

Faith-Based Environmental Groups in the U.S. and their Strategies for Change....Angela Smith (2006) PDF

Biblical References to Mountains....Lacy MacAuley

Biblical References to Creation Care ......(EEN)

Climate Denialist Cal Beisner says "Climate Science is an Insult to God" (April 2013)

Cal Beisner slander that churches are "bowing to the Green Dragon"

Creation Care Websites & Statements ......EarthCareOnline (PDF)

Worship Resource page

Katherine Hayhoe, prominent climatologist and evangelical Christian (Biologos)

Who is Ayn rand and Why Should Christians Be Alarmed? also this LINK


Bible Preaching

CFTM's Robert "Sage" Russo preaching at Kayford Mountain.

Preaching outside EPA

CFTM's Allen Johnson and Laura Dagley, and others outside EPA Office.

Bible Preaching at TVA

Sage Preaching at a TVA rally