Christians For The Mountains strongly supports the belief that all the earth and all that it contains is sacred because the God created it and called it "good." (Genesis 1). God created plants and creatures to have space, and for humans to have our space as well, but within an overarching symbiotic relationship. Humans are to nurture and protect creation, and in doing so, the creation will care for us, within limits (Genesis 2:15-17).

Modern society has moved far from direct contact and interrelationship with nature. To return to our God-created rootedness in nature, and in order to better perform our God-given task to nurture and protect creation, we need to spend quality, prayer-driven time in nature. Therefore, CFTM advocates wilderness and other wild spaces for spiritual reasons.

CFTM has worked closely with Appalachia wilderness advocacy. CFTM is also a project of the World Stewardship Institute, which has projects on wilderness.

CFTM produced a video, "God's Gift of a Wild and Wonderful Land." Although out-of-print, please contact us if you would like for us to duplicate a copy. Also, check the sidebar link for the film on embedded YouTube, parts 1 and 2.

A brochure has also been produced, "A Christian Declaration on the Spiritual Values of West Virginia's Monongahela National Forest."

CFTM is a supporter of a proposed "Birthplace of Rivers National Monument." FaceBook link is at http://www.facebook.com/BirthplaceOfRivers

The website of the National Relgious Coalition on Creation Care has more more resources on wilderness.

We welcome theological contributions, poems, songs, and essays on Christian faith and wilderness.


Wilderness Refreshment

Wilderness refreshes the spirit, mind, body.


CFTM Video on Wilderness, part 1 (Youtube)


CFTM Video on Wilderness, part 2 (Youtube)