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Health. The blessings of health are often not fully appreciated unless one is sick, disabled, in pain, suffering, or has a loved one in poor health. The scriptures are clear that we should care about taking care of our own bodies, as well as being helpful to those who are sick and injured (cf.Matt. 25:36; Luke 10:25ff).

Appalachian communities have some of the worst health in the United States. Reasons for this are varied, but certain common traits involve interrealted cultural conditioning, poverty, and pollution. The curse of community sickness, disability, mental illness, and addiction not only costs dearly in economic loss but even more so in human sufferering and potential.

CFTM advocates for healthy lifestyle as well as advocates for policies and education that reduces harmful influences and pollutants.


Mountaintop Removal is killing people. Strong rhetoric, yes. But the studies bear this out. Link to this page on CFTM's website to find the studies, references, essays, and campaigns to address this crisis.

The Gallup/Healthways "Well-being Index" is a comprehensive study of various "quality of life" categories that encompass each state in the U.S., major cities, and every congressional district. The findings for Central Appalachia indicate bottom rankings. For congressional districts with high levels of mountaintop removal, the findings are rock bottom in Physical Health, Emotional Health (happiness), and Life Evaluation (hope). In overall rankings, West Virginia is ranked last at #50, and Kentucky at 49. Virginia as a state ranks # 15, but the heavily-coal mined congressional district 9 is in near the bottom.

2012 Gallup/Healthways study puts Appalachia coal belt in the worst of the "sadness belt."

Externalized Costs of Coal on Health and Dollars

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Good Samaritan

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Asthma in Child

High rates of child asthma in communities near Mountaintop Removal.