Global Warming and Christian Responsibility

A pressing and immediate moral issue for religious communities to address is anthropogenic climate change. Below are statements by religious bodies and individuals: (please note some files are PDF) For articles and commentary on Climate issues, go to the Climate News Page.

Christians For The Mountains recognizes that the combustion of coal is a major contributor to rising greenhouse gas concentrations that clearly is threatening God's creation. Therefore, CFTM takes a position to move to elimination of coal combustion, to be replaced by clean energy and conservation.

Catholic Conference of Bishops (abridged, revised March 2012)

Central Conference of American Rabbis (March 2005)

An Evangelical Call to Action (abridged, 2006 *** Signatories

A Jewish Perspective on Climate Change (Dr. Mirele Goldsmith, 2010

An Eastern Orthodox Christian Perspective (by Rev. Dr. John Cryssavgis, 2010

A Roman Catholic Perspective (by Marie Dennis, SFO, 2010

A Protestant Perspective (by Dr. Tom English, 2010

An Episcopalian Perspective (by Rt. Rev. Eugene Taylor Sutton, 2010

Global Warming, Mass Extinction, and Global Security (by Dr. Tom English, May 2010

Keynote Address at NRCCC Prayer Breakfast (Dr. James Hansen, Washington, DC, 2010

The Legislative Challenge (by Katherine Rogers, Earth Day Network, 2010

Comments at White House by NRCCC Coordinator Fred Krueger, February 2010

Planet is on Catastrophic Trajectory to increase 11 Degrees Fahrenheit

The Psychological Effects of Global Warming on the United States: and Why the U.S. Mental Health System is Not Adequately Prepared
(by Kevin J. Coyle, JD, and Lise Van Susteren, MD) published by the National Wildlife Federation, February 2012. [pdf file is 3.4 mb]

Court Testimony of Dr. Lise Van Susteren on Psychological Effects of Climate Change (Sept. 2011)

Former Congressman Bob Inglis proposes a conservative, small government approach to Climate
(Forbes, 12/10.2012)

What if a weather ladytold the truth? (a parody film clip)

Research Reveals Most Climate Denial Science Books Linked to Conservative Think Tanks

Pie Chart shows that climate change deniers have no scientific credibility

Obama's "All-of-the-Above" Plans for Climate and Energy are Disappointmenting (March 2013)

Divestmenting Shareholdings in the Fossil Fuel Industry

Obama Mentions God in Climate Part of State of the Union Address (January 2013)

Europe Still Consuming More Coal (February 2013)

Climate Change Indicators in the United States (EPA report, 2012)

Katherine Hayhoe is a prominent climate scientist and evangelical scientist (Biologos Interview)

"For God So Loved The World" Sojourners May 2013 by R ose Berger (incl. quotes by CFTM's Allen Johnson)

50,000 Pro-life Christians Support EPA on Climate Policy (Jim Ball, Huffington Post, June 2012)

Climate Change and Moral Judgment (a Grist Review of Markowitz and Shariff, July 2012)

Global Warming's Terrifying New Math (Bill McKibben in Rolling Stone, July 2012)

Young Evangelicals For Climate Action (website) and a Response to Cal Beisner's Attack

Young Republicans Try to turn their Party on Climate

Union of Concerned Scientists Says Wall Street Journal and Fox Media are Misleading

Frontline TV Special, "The Climate of Doubt" and former Republican Bob Inglis on Climate

Frontline with Robert Brulle on the Climate Change Countermovement

Limits on Climate Adaptation are Social, not Physical oe Economic (Global Possibilities, May 2013)








Anthropenic Global Warming

Human-induced climate change from rising greenhouse gases is a great moral challenge for people of faith. Let's rise up!!!

Climate Impacts

The impact of Climate Change is already serious, and will become much more profound.

Melting Earth