Christians For The Mountains is primarily a volunteer-run organization. Partnerships and networking with other organizations, and the support and service of individuals and congreations are our primary "workforce."

CFTM acquired our first paid person in 2007, almost 2 1/2 years after our inception. Robert Phillips Sage Russo was a 1000 hour contract person who primarily worked in the field building relationships with other organizations and individuals and speaking and proclaiming the message and mission of CFTM. Russo returned to full-time Seminary study in January 2011. Russo married Jessi Nixon in January 2013. Their son, Silas Jonathan Russo was born in May 2015. The Russo's live near Asheville, North Carolina, and are active in missions and communty outreach leadership with Asheville Mennonite Church. Jessi coordinated logistics for our spring student health research in West Virginia in 2014, with support from Robert. They continue to work for Christians For The Mountains part-time as needed and their busy time permits.

Rebekah Epling worked as a VISTA volunteer for two years, beginning in summer 2008. Epling primarily worked with adminstrative support, project development, and capacity expansion. She then enrolled in graduate school studying for a Master's Degree in Appalachian Studies, and graduated in 2012. She lives in her hometown of Ripley, WV. In summer 2014 she helped CFTM and Dr. Michael Hendrx in a health research project related to mountaintop removal.

Laura Dagley became a staff intern in May 2011, doing field work, administrative support, and capacity building. She returned to nursing school in January 2012, and graduated in May 2012, and then entered the nursing profession and for a time continued a part-time role with CFTM.

Bob Marshall has been the volunteer Treasurer for CFTM since its inception in 2005.

Allen Johnson has been the volunteer Coordinator for CFTM since its inception in 2005. Then, in January 2012, Johnson retired from his position as Director of Pocahontas County Free Libraries, and is now contracted full-time as Coordinator of Christians For The Mountains, developing further capacity toward accomplishing our mission.

For futher information on personnel, and for photos, please go to our History section.

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering.