Since its inception in May 2005, Christians For The Mountains has been governed by a Steering Committee in order to expedite decisions. Original Steering Committee Members were Carol Warren; Janet Keating; Allen Johnson; Bob Marshall (Treasurer), Mary Ellen O'Farrell.

Current Steeering Committee Members are Bob Marshall (West Virginia), Janet Keating (West Virginia), John Rausch Kentucky, and Patricia Hudson Tennessee.

CFTM treasurer is Dr. Robert Marshall, 2108 Emma Road, Kenna, West Virginia 25248.

CFTM is registered in West Virginia as a nonprofit.

CFTM is a project of the World Stewardship Institute, P.O. Box 7348,  Santa Rosa, CA 95407. WSI is a 501-c-3 corporation, which confers this status upon CFTM as one of its projects.


Bob Marshall

Bob Marshall (2005-current)

John Rausch

Fr. John Rausch (2012)

Carol Warren

Carol Warren (2005-2011)


Janet Keating

Janet Keating (2005-current)

Pat Hudson

Pat Hudson (2012)

Mary Ellen O'Farrell

Mary Ellen O'Farrell (2005-2011)