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Christians For The Mountains has 501(c)3 nonprofit tax exempt status through a partnership with World Stewardship Institute. PO Box 7348, Santa Rosa, California 95407.  Contact Person is Fred Krueger. Telephone 707-573-3161.  FEIN 77-0422218.

World Stewardship Institute (WSI) has about a dozen projects that operate within their own independent governance within the mission goals of WSI. Projects are financially accountable to WSI which is annually audited.  The Mission of World Stewardship is as follows:

  1. To cultivate environmental stewardship within individuals and organizations.
  2. To implement programs and projects which enable individuals and organizations to cultivate environmental stewardship.
  3. To establish World Stewardship Institute as an international organization dedicated to cooperative problem-solving, linking business, science, and faith communities in the cultivation of environmental stewardship.

Allen Johnson, Coordinator of Christians For The Mountains (CFTM), is a board member of WSI. The website of WSI is

CFTM operates on a calendar year budget. CFTM pays 3% of its income for financial accountability and auditing by WSI. Sometimes, this fee is waived for certain grants.

CFTM is comprised of a Steering Committee, typically four members who have solid credentials as Christian and who are proven environmental justice activists.  With the February 2020 death of Fr. John Rausch, our Steering Committee is now Janet Keating, Robert Marshall, and Patricia Hudson. Dr. Marshall has been our treasurer since our founding in May 2005. He also has long been serving as Treasurer for the West Virginia Highlands Conservatory.

Financial matters are handled in this matter. Any funds received, such as donations or grants, are forwarded to our Treasurer, Robert Marshall, who deposits the funds into a bank account solely under CFTM. Dr. Marshall also writes all checks for payments. Allen Johnson, the CFTM Coordinator, or any other authorized person, may purchase items, or incur expenses, which are then reported along with receipts to Dr. Marshall for reimbursement. 

CFTM reimburses travel at the rate of 40 cents/mile (well under federal rates). CFTM does not reimburse for office space of the Coordinator, but does pay half the telephone and Internet monthly bill, currently about $40/month. Website hosting and registration costs are paid by CFTM. Supplies typically involve printing supplies. The expense for printing and mailing the Mountain Vision paper are in the $1000 dollar range for each of two annual issues.

CFTM is mindful of the sacrificial contributions of its donors. CFTM expenditures are beholden to God to be thrifty, wise, and useful.

Recent Annual Expenses

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2018 Budget

Contact Allen Johnson at for earlier financial details or to respond to questions.