Our Public Lands


All the Earth belongs to God. We honor God by taking care of our private property.

Public land is our shared privilege and responsibility. Let us cherish, enjoy, and protect public lands for all God’s creatures and the habitat they need.

We are putting up the link of an Open Letter to The Nature Conservancy on a duplicitous practice of advocating environmental protection while also abetting polluters and destroyers of God’s Creation.


Wild places with little to no human impact is a baseline of God’s beloved creation. Such places teach us humility.

National Parks and Memorials

National Parks have been labeled America’s best idea. Overcrowding and underfunding is degrading some of them.

National and State Lands

Citizens contend over use of our national and state forests and parks. 

Wildlife Preservation

God created plants and animals and placed them in suitable habitats. Private landowners can help preserve habitats and link ecosytems.