Our Mission


“Christians For The Mountains (CFTM)core mission to honor the truth of Psalm 24:1. 
“The Earth and all it contains belongs to God

Christians For The Mountains (CFTM) is a network of persons advocating that Christians and their churches recognize their God-given responsibility to live compatibly, sustainably, and gratefully joyous upon this God’s earth. CFTM is nondenominational and non-partisan. CFTM takes a critical prophetic stance to advocate for justice, righteousness, and peace for the land and its inhabitants. CFTM seeks to be respectful to all voices seeking truth. 

The central Appalachian region is our geographical focus. Stopping abuse to the land and its inhabitants, such as the destructive practice of mountaintop removal coal extraction, is an important work of CFTM.  However, CFTM is not only against abuse, but is for a sound, clean, sustainable economy with high quality of life in sufficiency of material goods, neighborliness, social and ecological harmony, richness in culture, mutual service, and bright hope. Rebuilding Appalachia from the ravages of over a century of exploitation and ruination is our dream.   

God has created an extraordinary, wondrous, beautiful creation for God’s own will, pleasure, and purpose (Revelation 4:11; Genesis 1:31). God created humans to share and acknowledge the goodness of Creation with God. God gave humans the responsibility to nurture and protect creation, and the corresponding privilege to gain sustenance from creation within boundaries (Genesis 2:15-17).

The biblical lands are mountainous terrain. The beauty and majesty of mountains lift our eyes heavenward to ponder the immeasurably greater majesty and love of our Creator.