Help Us Write Larry Gibson’s Biography


Keeper of the Mountains

Larry Gibson (1946-2012) inspired thousands  to fight against mountaintop removal as well as take on justice advocacy in their own communities.
CFTM is fullfilling the promise made to Larry in his last year to write his story.

The Larry Gibson Legacy Project WEBSITE is dedicated to Larry and the many friends along with family members who work for justice in their communities.

Friends and family of Larry Gibson gathered at Stanley Heirs Park on Kayford Mountain July 2, 2022 for a joyous reunion. Music, food, videos, talks, and kinship shared. See photos and videos of this joyous, inspiring time together.

Larry Gibson, Keeper of the Mountains  (1946-2012)

Compelling Reasons Why The Larry Gibson Biography Project is So Important

1. Larry Gibson asked that his biography be written.
2. His life story is inspiring. He grew up poor,
uneducated, short-in-stature, shamed and taunted.
Yet Larry became an admired and effectual leader in
the struggle to protect mountain homelands.
3. Larry’s personal integrity, courage, and passion
for justice are charisms to be passed on to future
generations. This biography will focus on shining his
character traits into readers’ hearts.
4. Larry’s family members are enthusiastic, as are also
his friends.
5. Larry’s message, told in his indomitable and engaging
style, will educate readers about battleground issues
between exploiters of lands and communities versus
those who value and protect their homelands. He had
the soul-force to deeply impact hearts.
6. Larry Gibson often said to his listeners when
discussing mountaintop removal, “If I don’t make you
mad, I’m not doing my job.” Yet Larry was incredibly
warm and humorous among friends and strangers. His
biography will move readers off the fence of neutrality,
apathy, and fear and into action. His motto about
mountains was, “Love them or leave them, just don’t
destroy them.”

Introducing Marybeth Lorbiecki As Larry’s Biographer

We are pleased to introduce Marybeth Lorbiecki as our writer for Larry Gibson’s biography. Marybeth is a talented, accomplished author whose pubiished books include the award-winning biography, A Fierce Green
Fire: Also Leopold’s Life and Legacy. Additional works include Following St. Francis: John Paul II’s Call for Ecological Action, and numerous illustrated children’s books.
Website is
Marybeth lives in Hudson, Wisconsin, and is married to David Mataya and have grown children. She spent several months interning in eastern Kentucky (Floyd County).

is a fervent advocate for environmental and social justice, diligent organized worker, creative thinker, thorough researcher, and a warm, outgoing, perceptive woman. Her personality resonates with that of
Larry Gibson. Among her other pursuits is that she is founder of Interfaith Oceans.