CFTM Invites You To Join In To Support Environmental Justice  In Appalachia!


Membership is open and welcome to anyone who aligns with the principles and goals of CFTM. Members are requested to take upon themselves personal responsibility as well as help out our cause. CFTM is a nonprofit 501-c-3 nonprofit through our partner, World Stewardship Institute. For further information please contact Allen Johnson, Coordinator, Christians For The Mountains, 12664 Frost Road, Dunmore, West Virginia 24934 or phone at 304-799-4137.

Thank you for praying for our lands and people in Appalachia.  

CFTM Appreciates Your Contribution !

Your tax-deductible donations support our programs. Each gift is gratefully received and stewarded in God-honoring trust.

Christians For The Mountains is a 501(3)(c) tax-exempt non-profit organization, a project of the World Stewardship Institute. FEIN 77-0422218

Please send to:

Christians For The Mountains
12664 Frost Road
Dunmore, West Virginia 24934

Email: Christians For The Mountains

(Note: Office is on Eastern Time Zone)

We invite and welcome your online contribution!


How You Can Help

Our Mountain Heritage
CFTM supports efforts to protect and strengthen mountain communities and the encompassing land, water, air, nature, clean sustainable economies, and the best cultural traits.
CFTM sponsors the Larry Gibson Biography Project.
CFTM invites people to share their stories and faith perspectives for our website and Mountain Vision newspaper. Importantly, volunteer in your own community on projects that protect, restore, and beautify God’s good creation.

CFTM requires operating funds, and our supporters are our main source. We do not accept outside advertising or marketing revenue. We do not solicit by phone or email or direct mail (only through our Mountain Vision paper). We do not share our membership list.
There are many worthy organizations and causes to contribute to. We understand.

CFTM serves as a bridge between religious  and secular organizations and causes that advocate for environmental justice. CFTM is highly respected for our voice by many of these groups regionally and nationally.

CFTM brings our Christian moral and ethical framework into discussions and actions that seek to honor God’s intention for humanity and all creation.

Fiancial Records

Christians For The Mountains (CFTM) soon after our beginning in 2005 became a project of World Stewardship Institute, a 501-c-3 nonprofit organization. CFTM has a seat on its Board of Directors. You may contact WSI atP.O. Box 7348, Santa Rosa, California 95407. Contact person is Fred Krueger. Phone is (707) 573-3160.

All projects, including CFTM, are audited annually, currently by Marc Richardson.

CFTM internal process is the following: Typically mailed donations come to Allen Johnson, Coordinator, who sends them monthly to Dr. Robert Marshall, Treasurer, who deposits them. Online donations go directly to our paypal account. Some donations, often through foundations, are routed via WSI to CFTM. Expenditures are receipted, sent to the treasurer, and reimbursed by check.

Here are links to Excel spreadsheets for 2017, and 2018, and 2019, and 2020, based upon calendar year.