Thriving Appalachia 


Appalachian People  Re-building Communities

Appalachian people are building up their communities utilizing their cultural strengths of family, closeness to nature, resourcefulness, neighborlines, and love of homeplace.

Christians For The Mountains works alongside some of these initiatives and encourages all of these. Seeds of hope when nurtured grow into mature fruits.

Allegheny-Blue Ridge Alliance (ABRA)

ABRA formed as an alliance of about 50 groups in Virginia and West Virginia to combat the $4 billion Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) that would transport fracked gas through pristine fragile mountains and streams. The coordinated diligent work, thousands of people’s voice along with skilled legal and technical help contributed to the folding of the ACP, truly a David vs. Goliath victory.  Recently, the Conservation Hub has been launched for resource management by providing data-focused tools.

National Religious Coalition on Creation Care (NRCCC)

NRCCC is a coalition of Christians and Jews who advocate that “The Earth is God’s and all that is in it; Thou shall not destroy the Earth nor despoil the life thereon.” 

NRCCC and Christians For The Mountains (CFTM) are two of several projects of World Stewardship Institute (501-c-3) that are dedicated to cultivate environmental stewardship.   www.

The One Foundation

The One Foundation works to nurture a grassroots transformation toward a more diverse, more sustainable, and more inclusive economy across the coalfields of Central Appalachia and beyond. The core strategy is to partner with individuals and organizations to build and lead initiatives that regenerate community, the planet, and self.

In order to give, to serve appropriately, we begin with attention to the ground, to understand the root causes of disharmony, hardship and realities facing our communities.

Mother Jones Community Foundation

Mother Jones Community Foundation is a non-profit organization (501-c3) dedicated to improving the quality of life in some of the most impoverished and exploited communities in Appalachia. Our mission is to help people forgotten and ignored by the exploitive industries that profited  from our natural resources and moved on.  

Mother Jones was a fearless labor organizer at the turn of the 20th Century. Here at MJCF she inspires us all to carry on the battle for all those who continue to be devastated by the greed of Appalachia’s exploitive industries.