Christians For 
The Mountains


Our Core Mission is to honor the truth of Psalm 24:1

“The earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof;
the world, and they that dwell therein.”

God blesses us with the beauty, wonder, and sustenance of creation. Our human privilege and responsibility is then to nurture and protect God’s creation.  Genesis 2:15-17


About Our Ministry

Christians For The Mountains (CFTM) is a voluntary network of persons advocating that Christians and their churches recognize their God-given responsibility to live compatibly, sustainably, grateful, and joyously with God’s Earth. CFTM is nondenominational and non-partisan. CFTM takes a critical prophetic stance to advocate for justice, righteousness, and peace for the land and its inhabitants. CFTM seeks to be respectful to all voices seeking truth.

The Central Appalachian region is our geographical focus. However, we partner and network with like-minded people and groups nationally and internationally.

The picture on the right shows a team of college students volunteering their Spring Break to conduct family health studies in areas close to mountaintop removal coal mines.

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Health Study Team in Kentucky 2012

.Our Top Issues and Projects

CFTM has always taken on issues to stop abuse to Appalachian land and its inhabitants, such as the destructive practice of mountaintop removal coal extraction. 

CFTM works with all who desire a sound, clean, sustainable economy with high quality of life in sufficiency of material goods, neighborliness, social and ecological harmony, richness in culture, mutual service, and bright hope. Rebuilding Appalachia from the ravages of over a century of exploitation and ruination is our dream.   


Mountaintop Removal coal mining blasts off the tops of mountains, gets the coal, and throws the rubble down into valley streams. It harms community health, ruins land and water, leaves a barren landscape, and is corruptive of government. Ending this egregious crime against nature has always been CFTM's first public policy goal.

Larry Gibson Biography Project

When Larry Gibson saw his beloved ancestral Kayford Mountain  being desecrated by mountaintop removal, he began to courageously fight the onerous practice. During his lifetime, Gibson inspired thousands of young people to actively engage social and environmental justice.  This amazing story being sponsored by CFTM will inspire all readers to justice wherever they live.

Community Development

Helping Appalachian people to engage their community development projects through  cultural strengths and youth.
(Note: Currently in web construction)

Fracking & Pipelines

These infrastructures pollute, degrade land and water, harm health, and locks in climate-warming greenhouse gasses.

Public Lands

  Public lands are a heritage for all people present, future, and remembrance of the past.  CFTM supports sufficient funding, regulatory protection, skillful management, and wise new acquisitions. 


Thousands upon thousands of writings, reflections, stories, songs, poems, liturgies, and works of theology and Bible study teach and inspire to praise and honor to the Creator of the marvelous universe in which we humans are privileged to dwell and to what we are commissioned a role of responsibility.

We have some church statements and pronouncements on responsible care for God’s creation. Special attention is on churches and key leadership in the Appalachian region.

We list some of the scores of well-known hymns as well as contemporary worship music, poetry, and liturgy that draws on themes of creation in praise of God.

CFTM’s strategy has always been to partner with and bridge religious and secular organizations working on environmental justice, Appalachian development, and global concerns. Our role, then, is that of service to others.





Bible and theology

 Biblical passages and theological studies God’s purpose for creation and our responsible part.

church statements

 Documents and pronouncements from church leadership on responsibility to creation in Appalachia and everywhere.

worship resources

Hymns, worship songs, liturgies, poems, and curriculum that brings honor and praise to God as Creator, Savior, and Lord.

The Mountain Vision

Our printed newspaper is a ministry sent free of charge to our mailing list. Please contact us if you would like on the list or back copies.  Also online on this site.

Organization Links

There are so many great organizations and groups that are doing amazing work. Some are secular, others are religious-based. CFTM is privileged to work alongside many of these, helping and being helped in good causes.

This list is far from complete, and in no particular order. CFTM presents this list in appreciation.

Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition (OVEC)   Coal River Mountain Watch
West Virginia Rivers Coalition   Center For Biological Diversity
Allegheny-Blue Ridge Alliance (ABRA)   Conservation Hub
National Religious Coalition on Creation Care (NRCCC)   World Stewardship Institute
Christians Caring for Creation Prayer Network   Interfaith Oceans
Southern Appalachian Mountain Stewards (SAMS)   Alliance for Appalachia
West Virginia Highlands Conservancy   Kentuckians For The Commonwealth
Mother Jones Community Foundation   Southwings
Greenbrier River Watershed Association   Eight Rivers Council
Appalachian Community Health Emergency (ACHE)   SOCM
Heartwood   Appalachian Voices
Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN)   Citizens Climate Lobby
Young Evangelicals for Climate Action (YECA)   West Virginia Climate Alliance
National Religious Partnership for the Environment   West Virginia Power and Light
Interfaith Power and Light (IPL)   Kentucky Interfaith Power and LIght
Appalachian Chronicle   Tennessee Interfaith Power and Light
Coalition on Jewish Life and the Environment   Virginia Interfaith Power and Light
Catholic Climate Covenant   Blessed Earth
Creation Justice Ministries   Plant with a Purpose
Franciscan Action Network   Reimagine Appalachia
WVU Center for Resilient Communities   Blessed Tomorrow
The One Foundation (all one)   FACT Ohio
West Virginia Council of Churches   Blood on the Mountain (film)
Catholic Committee of Appalachia   Mountain State Spotlight (news)